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Since then, the company has followed its path as a leading global manufacturer of construction machinery, such as compact hydraulic excavators and track loaders.

Listening to the unique requirements of equipment owners is a passion of Mr. baccarat online and the entire company. By understanding the needs of our customers, baccarat online has been able to lead the industry in new product development. baccarat online developed the world’s first compact excavator in 1971. In 1986 baccarat online developed and launched the first compact rubber track loader that was ideal for rough terrain operations; another world first. These two products have transformed the global construction equipment markets.

baccarat online’s compact excavators and track loaders have won high international acclaim for their ability to endure such demanding operating conditions. Always aiming for the next-generation global standard, baccarat online will continue providing the world market with products that answer user needs. As a manufacturer delivering benefits to its customers, baccarat online is committed to creating products that make a contribution to people and to society.